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NOTE: This site distinguishes the difference between "organizational development" and "Organization Development." The former phrase refers to the nature and scope of change in organizations, i.e., the change is to the entire organization or to a significant portion of the organization. The latter phrase refers to a field of well-trained people with expertise in guiding successful organizational development. (For training about consulting to organizations, see the Consultants Development Institute.)

Sections of This Topic Include

Learning About OD

About the Field of Organization Development  

Understanding the Territory of OD

Understanding Yourself as an Instrument of Change  
Understanding Organizations, Leadership and Management
Understanding Community Organizing       
Understanding Performance Management       
Understanding Consulting       

Doing OD

Stages of Organization Development Process       
Major Types of Interventions      

Additional Resources

Other Business and Management Topics To Round Out OD Skills       
Other Online Libraries       
Organizations Focused on OD     

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