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Businesses used to partner with employees to carry out employees' career planning and development. Times have changed. Now, businesses are coming to view career development primarily as the employee's responsibility. If you are concerned about your career, as you should be during these turbulent economic times, then take complete ownership of it.

Where do you want to be one, three, five or ten years from now? Do you have an action plan to get there? What career options are there for you to get greater challenge, variety or personal satisfaction? How well do you leverage your strengths and networks to advance your career? Are you suing the latest job search strategies so that you can stand out from the crowd? In other words, how well do you manage your career?

The following major categories of information will provide you with answers to these and other career development questions so that you will be in the driver's seat of your professional and managerial life.


Sections Of This Topic Include (in order they're typically used)

How To Advance Your Career (and Manage Relations With Your Boss)

Career Change

How To Plan Your Career

Dress for Success     

How To Network For Professional Development

Job Satisfaction

How To Look For A Job

How to Write Your Resume

How to Interview for a Job

All About Social Networking (via Social Media)

Online Sources Of Jobs


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