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All About Social Networking (via Social Media)

Online social networking is viewed by many as the next new paradigm in personal, professional and organizational networking and marketing. (Social media are the tools that people use to do social networking, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.) The following sections first give a broad overview of the movement of social networking, including basics about each of the most popular tools. The next section describes how to use the tools for personal, professional and organizational networking and marketing.


Sections of This Topic Include

Overview of Social Networking   

Major Social Networking Tools

--- Blogging      
--- LinkedIn       
--- Facebook    
--- MySpace       
--- Twitter      
--- YouTube    

Social Networking for Personal and Organizational Networking and Marketing --Planning     

--- Build Your Social Media Plan Right From Scratch   
- - -  Back To Basics - Small Business Must Adopt Social Media marketing - Part 1 Of 2
--- Back to Basics – Small Business MUST Adopt Social Media Marketing – Part 2of 2    

Social Networking Policies  

Reputation Management -- Protecting and Repairing Your Online Reputation          

Measuring and Evaluating Your Social Networking       

Boards and Social Networking      

General Resources for Social Networking      


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