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Human Resources Sources is about helping others. And delivering direct services that improve lives

Human Resources Sources exists primarily to serve the employee mangement, Company management (HR) and Enterprenureship

Homelessness IS Bad Design

The Center for Community Solutions (Human Resources Sources) focuses on solutions to health, social and economic issues

Human Resources Sources help the people who help people -- human service professionals, civic leaders, and public officials. Our applied research, policy analysis, and non-partisan advocacy are what set us apart. With offices in Willmar, Minnesota, we identify, analyze, and explain key health, social, and economic data and issues, and propose non-partisan solutions to improve the lives of Willmars. In addition to keeping an eye on emerging issues, we will also focus on the following policies: 

We are focused on nurturing a digital culture where associates embrace a test-and-learn mindset, transform ideas into business results, and have opportunites to advance. We are looking for thinkers who can add value, understand technology and solve problems. Technology enables us to work with leaner teams, but to stay competitive, those hires need to come with higher level competences.


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Human Resources Sources


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